Blinded by the flame of the night

a dream resting on the feather of a sparrow, a way to narrow,


doomed to augment, out stretch the hand to grasp it,


moving further from grace the sad fate of the venomous snake.

I see the we,

the beautiful dream

yet its so empty, a tempting plate full of plenty,

yet what is the hand that delivers the meal, a claw like an eagle, flickering with evil.

Bent we spill blood, suffer,

as the brilliance of the gods, hidden away

Fallen Saint

the devil in a wicked state, reckless

we through fists, meant to drop ships, collide by a time we’re so divided

but she shines though

brought to you to me we all see glory

life filtered through the gaze, a pillar in the maze

guiding those who stay true, through.

Our fate we all die the same as you but my grace is that I get to look, in a dream state

see the wheels before my eyes start to rise, cries heard all around me, for he is the being Great.

Yet I see before my eyes the masses cry and their anguish lies where corpses die.