I have fought long and hard these abstract thoughts,

this ambivalent cause,

I still feel as a child scrambling for words,

in the face of a untold multitude of thoughts and processes I must attempt to contemplate,

a screaming cacophony of imitation, idolization, idealization, of simplifications,

and yet to hide would be to lose and to lose would be to die

as when I fight to understand the complexities that have come before me,

I gain the same purpose those found before.

Solve, decide, influence, complicate your own truths and pass them along to be deciphered by someone else,

the conflict of our limitations found only in the sounds constantly entering my body,

are these memories mine, are these ideas mine, are these creations my own.

They will be pure only if they are devoid of understanding pure drivel straight from the soul, truth to me and me alone.