I do for you what you do for me caught in a struggle between our decrees,

Beautiful love casting iron ties that leave us on opposite sides,


do we fight for change to stop the game to stay the same,

and yet this constant strain increases the pain, avoids the plain state of a calm fate.

I have to die, you have to die, lets try to do it on our own time, and yet we fight for each other push for another second

a pretense just to try to make you see sense,

I live for you yet you live for me. Each cursed to be one for one and never, we.

Part ties till one of us dies and that’s for your sake not mine,

a deed covered in blood, to avoid the sun, a sun above us,

to chase and fall straight on your face.

A place, a small cottage away from the honor,

the glory bound,

those eventually are found face down in the ground.

Just come, you and me.