A moment in mind, the flash of life

In a car, wife and daughter not far

Seeing a road a house covered in snow

in the yard a snowman greeting

There’s bells in the air a feather and chair

She forgets how to walk a startling talk

Presents for a season love with a reason

Your face in the mirror her face a tear

My stomach drops as the ledge fades, present

The carpet is soft she rubs off a sock

Smell the chicken hearing a television

Running through my feet laughing lost complet

The door opens up family the gowns

The old in spirit the young at heart

Dinner a blissful start

Chairs pulled out sitting and smiling throughout

The water around not even a sound, present

Flooding with food cheers mood

The chatter of people beginning again

He takes some chicken she sips fill in

Clicking the glass toast for the mass

Wrapping paper thrown around gifts of sound

A tree with a glint in its eye family sitting in it’s light

Long night she laughs cleaning at last

Letting go the world a white glow, present